There is no running from me now, hahahaha. So I’ve done it, I’m nudie on the netski!!!

I’ve had a lot of support from some friends (though I think the guys just support it because they want to see me in the buff (*wink*) and even some of my family have supported me. A family member I won’t name said “You’re young, if you want to do it and it will enable you to take time to concentrate on your studies and enjoy your free time, then go for it"…. So here I am, naked to the world.

I’m nervously excited. I hope you guys like the site and all the pictures/videos we’ve taken. I’m pretty quiet in the videos for a couple reasons. First off, because I’m shy as all heck. Secondly because our cameras microphone is super low quality and would pick up terrible wind noise when we were outside. Hopfully that doesn’t ruin your experience. Just think of me moaning your name or singing “Ave Maria", whatever works for you, hahaha.

I’ll try and post in here as often as I can but I do have a busy summer schedule of goofing off and traveling. We have lots of pics and vids for you guys to play around with, and don’t forget to check out my Friends section to check out some of my girlfriends.

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